Quality of Service, Expertise in Medicine Management, Innovation and Focus

At Pink Pharmacy® we use our deep expertise in pharmacy management to transform your existing Hospital pharmacy or establish a new pharmacy store for you operating with the best industry practices. Pink Pharmacy® is entirely setup to support hospitals to provide the unparalleled level of patient satisfaction from the Pharmacy.

So what helps set Pink Pharmacy® apart?

  • We are focused on operating Hospital Pharmacies at scale
  • We have deep expertise in surgical and govt. scheme packages
  • We provide the best customer service experience to your patients
  • We continually Innovate to provide Tech solutions
  • We source from Authorized Supply Chain Vendors only
  • We are compliant and NABH Ready at all times

If you would like further information about the ways in which we can help you achieve this, please call us on ‭+91 89566 44640‬ or email us on ‭connect@pinkpharmacy.in‬‬‬

Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Why Choose Pink Pharmacy®?

We are Focused

  • Our highly specialized skills are primarily directed towards requirements of Hospital Operations. We understand the needs of the OT, IPD and OPD
  • We work with specially designed Processes & a Technology environment that is free from the usual issues of a medical store.

We have Deep Expertise

  • Over the years we have developed surgical packages that support all government schemes & help hospitals fit packages within the prescribed budgets
  • Our team strives to get the best quality branded & generic products that ensure the expected patient outcome

We provide Best Customer Service

  • Trained clinical pharmacists provide in-detail counselling to patients on dosage. With bed delivery of medication patients are assured of timely doses
  • We stay in touch with the patients post discharge to guide them on medications & follow-up on potential medicine refill requirements

We continually Innovate

  • We invest heavily in the latest Technological tools to improve our services. We integrate directly with your Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)
  • We use data analytics to bring unique insights to life for optimized formulary management & enable transparency that ensures ongoing trust

We source from Authorized Suppliers

  • We advocate all material be sourced from Authorized Suppliers only, this ensures supply chain security to ensure uncompromised treatment for patients
  • By doing batch level dispensing, every material lot can be traced back to the principal manufacturer enabling easy recall management

We are compliant & NABH ready

  • Our processes & store management practices enable smooth & continuous functioning of your Hospital Pharmacy under all required compliances
  • We comply all regulations as per the Central & State FDA, PF & ESIC, Shop Act, Labor Act, Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) & NABH.

Branches We Cater

At Pink Pharmacy® we customize the hospital operations to the needs of our clients. We negotiate, procure, store & dispense sensitive & expensive materials from the pharmacy such as IVF medicines, Intra-ocular Lenses, Cardiac Stents, Balloons & Orthopedic Material for Joint Replacements, Trauma & Arthroscopy. This reduces load on our member hospitals of procurement, inventory & reorder management.

Medical and Surgical Oncology

Obstetrics, Gynecology & IVF



Critical Care and Anesthesia

Trauma and Orthopedics

Cardiology and CVTS


Neurology and Neurosurgery

General and Specialized Surgery

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